Monolab is an ambitious studio for advanced research-based design in urbanism and architecture, founded in 1999. Simplicity (mono) is linked to experiment (lab).

Monolab delivers advanced and synergetic projects through simple and crystal clear concepts with high heartbeats. Our projects handle complex present and future issues and are therefore fully embedded by merging context and contemporary culture.

We work team wise for large and small-scale projects. The studio has assignments in a wide field: from product and furniture design to villas, from residential projects to urban schemes, from stations and distribution hubs to city cores.

Client’s demands are shaping our mindsets, as every assignment is unique. Assignments are opened up, analyzed in wide perspectives and in-depth, in order to reveal all issues behind. We invest a surplus of energy during the intense conceptual phases of the design process, the phases in which the most important and determinant decisions are made. High complexity is embraced and fuels the design process over and over again.

The studio is lean and mean as the manpower fluctuates with the ever changing quantities of work. Fast teams move forward in research and 3D-design. At all times we are ensured of backup in technical issues and cost & planning control through co-operating engineering firms.

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